Motivational Design

Lenses and Patterns for Motivational Game Design

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Lens Of Responsibility

Your responsibility as a game designer is to leave players better off than before they played your game.

Focusing Questions

  • Am I helping players become better people?
  • Are there aspects of my game that might hurt a group of people?


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim features the option to choose to be one of the “Redguard,” a dark-skinned people whose culture closely resembles the Moors, and receive an “Adrenaline Boost” perk to augment their ability to run and jump beyond that of other races–which reflects obvious stereotypes about African-American athleticism. Earlier games in this same series also gave the Redguard a penalty to intelligence, which meant that playing as a dark-skinned character was mutually exclusive from playing as a smart character, forcing you to “role-play” a racist stereotype. White characters faced no such limitations. -J.F. Sargent, Videogame Bigotry and the Illusion of Freedom



This lens is not industry standard.




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