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Lenses and Patterns for Motivational Game Design

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The process of Abstraction means to identify and eliminate various complex features from the medium, so that It is most prominent in Art.

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Abstract designs can be used to redirect the audiences' attention to one (or few) features of the game that the designer wants to emphasize on. Typically, these may be game mechanics or real life counterparts that are generally, either neglected, or taken for granted.

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Loneliness, a simple browser based game that uses squares to represent entities within the game. By using such elementary shapes, it directs the players’ attention towards their underlying message. Its gameplay involves a sequence of interactions where a player controlled entity is constantly ignored by crowds of NPC entities, simulating the emotion of loneliness. Players may continuously attempt to be accepted, or may even give up and quit the game. But, through their strong mechanic and minimal distracting features in terms of narrative and gameplay, it very effectively conveys its message.



This lens is speculative.




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