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An area within a game where players can interact with one another in between play sessions.

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A lobby can serve multiple purposes. By providing players with a way to communicate outside of the levels, it allows them to more easily converse about things not necessarily related to the game without having to be focused on playing. It also can act as a “debriefing” area after a game, which allows players to discuss memorable moments during the game as well give them time to wind down. With real time games, this winding down period is especially important, as arousal levels among players.

Can be instantiated by


League of Legends

League of Legends post game puts all the players from both teams into the same lobby with a list of each player's stats during the game. This allows players to talk to each other about the game as well as give each other “honor”, which is a way to acknowledge a player that did well or even was just friendly, or “report”, which players can use to let Riot know if a player was doing something against the rules of the game. The players can also leave the post game lobby at any time, so the game doesn't force them to participate.



The lens is industry standard.



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